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一种用于电子烟的新型传感器解决方案 使更小、更便宜的 MEMS 传感器 可以在没有误启动的情况下使用

本文解释了当较小和较便宜的 MEMS 传感器被用来取代通常的 ECM 咪头时发生的误启 动问题,ECM 咪头检测用户在电子烟上的吸气并激活加热元件。到目前为止,产生误 启动的原因一直难以捉摸。Nanusens 发现,基于 MEMS 设计的较小的气道容易被油污 堵塞,导致潜在且危险的误触发。Nanusens 的专利解决方案的解释是,对电子烟中的 绝对压力 MEMS 传感器的数据使用平均算法,准确地识别用户的吸气时间,从而防止 这些错误的触发。

The challenges and solutions of building MEMS devices using the BEOL metal layers of a solid-state CMOS semiconductor process

This paper covers the problems faced by current production methods for MEMS sensors, in particular the difficulty of ramping up production to meet the ever-increasing demand for sensors. It then discusses the challenges of the solution of building MEMS using only standard CMOS processes in a fab and how they have been solved by Nanusens using techniques that are now patent pending. The focus of this paper is on linear inertial sensors as a worked example of how these techniques can be used. Further papers will explore their use for other types of sensors that can also be built using CMOS and, crucially, simultaneously on the same die at the same time.

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