26 Feb 2019

Packing them in the aisles at MWC 2019

We are at our first show – MWC in Barcelona. 200,000 square metres of exhibition space filled with huge stands by every famous name in the electronics industry. Tucked away in a corner of Hall 6, you might think that we would be completely overlooked. However, as we broke the news about our nano sensor technology to the press the week before MWC, we have had pre booked meetings every hour with big name, potential customers who have heard about out breakthrough technology and want to talk to us and see the working demo.

Our message of being able to provide designers with space inside earbuds is really exciting visitors. We do this by replacing MEMS sensors of four cubic millimetres with our nano versions of just one cubic millimetre. That’s a saving of three cubic millimetre for every sensor that we replace with one of ours. So we free up space for bigger batteries or more features.

Even more exciting, earbud designers want to pack lots of sensors into earbuds for more lifestyle features such as better noise cancelling and more intelligent movement sensing for better awake/sleep determination for battery conservation and, for high end models, head gesture control. They want to put virtually all the sensors that you find in mobile phones into earbuds. But that all needs many sensors that are hard to fit into the small form factor of an earbud at four cubic millimetres a time except when you use our tiny nano sensors! And that is why people are coming to our booth to learn how we can pack a host of intelligent sensors into their designs and still keep the vital small form factor of their earbud design.

We are also proving to be one of the high spots on the IoT tour that takes groups of visitors round the show to see exciting and interesting companies. Twenty people per tour were all engaged with the presentation by our CEO, Dr Josep Montanyà, asking questions and several of them coming back for one on one sessions.

Ultra small is proving to be ultra popular!