08 Oct 2019

MEMS Summit shows that Nanusens is going after the right markets

The recent MEMS & Imaging Sensors Summit highlighted the growing demand for MEMS sensors.
According to STMicroelectronics, the three trends driving the sensor market are smart mobility,
power & energy management and the Internet of Things.
MEMS, sensors and actuators are approximately 10% of the global $465 billion semiconductor
market in 2018 with the global MEMS market reaching $11.6 billion in 2018 with an expected 8.2%
CAGR by 2024 according to Yole Développement. Consumer applications account for 60 percent of
the MEMS market with the rest being automotive, medical, telecom, medical, aeronautical and
All of which bodes well for Nanusens and our ability to mass produce MEMS sensors could mean
that we enable the market to grow faster than these predictions. What’s more, there was a prediction
of RF MEMS growing from $2.3 to $4.4 billion over this period of time as they will be needed for the
deployment of new base stations, 5G and for edge computing. Here again we have a unique solution
for this market place to enable us to become a market leader.
The six golden rules for smart sensors was explained by Andrea Onetti, analog and MEMS group vice
president for the MEMS sensor division, STMicroelectronics. “It is the right timing to have the
capabilities to scale up MEMS, but this will only possible if companies follow these six golden rules:
higher accuracy; lower power consumption; compactness; higher reliability; higher energy efficiency;
and more intelligence.” A perfect summary of Nanusens MEMS-within-CMOS offerings!!!
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